Need a resume booster?
Byte provides various internship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students in various positions. See what it’s like to work at Byte, and learn some skills along the way. In the past, interns have worked on the following projects:

  •  Designing and building this website using the latest web design technologies
  •  Developing Byte’s web presence in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  •  Collaborating with senior project members to refine new business ideas
  •  Pitching directly to clients as part of the Sales Team to attract new customers
  •  Quantitative market sizing for sectors in the finance industry
  •  Market research for financial industry technology needs
  • Undertaking a global rebranding for Byte
  •  Research new product ideas to provide feasibility reports
  •  Designing and creating new product prototypes, some of which were eventually selected by our clients for development

Interns at Byte collaborate directly with the team and their work has a real impact on Byte as a company. All projects that interns work on have the chance to be implemented and will provide productive work experience.

To learn more or apply, shoot us an email at