Student Loan Analytics

Modeling complex loan amortizations? 

Byte experts are addressing the market need for reliable research and analytics services around student loan asset-backed securities. Using our deep experience in Student Loans domain as well as structured finance analytics, Byte has a proprietary tool to model SLABS cash flows. Our proprietary tool, we feel, is the most comprehensive and robust tool available in the market today. The Byte student loan model provides the user with unparalleled versatility in collateral assumptions. The model allows the user to examine the performance of representative collateral summary lines to ensure their assumptions are functioning as expected.

  •  Collaborated with former Sallie Mae experts to design flexible student loan model
  •  Excel based modeling library with hundreds of existing deals
  •  Projects cash flows for any student loans
  •  Change variables to reflect behavior status to see loan differences
  •  Can track different loan statuses, such as in-school or taking semester off
  •  Handles taxable, tax-exempt, auction rates, FFELP, private credit, and more

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